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Consecration of Omnium Lodge No.10005

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

After being much delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Consecration of Omnium Lodge No.10005 finally took place on November 6th 2021 at Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, Wirral Cheshire, the result of much planning and organisation.

The idea of a Lodge, a Universities Scheme Lodge for those associated with the Open University was first discussed in 2018, and in October 2019 University Lodge of Chester agreed to sponsor the petition to form Omnium Lodge. The procedure for completing the petition proved to be very challenging indeed, but the steering group comprising of David Dyson, Mike Steggles, Paul Crudge, David Meacher-Jones and Paul Rogerson finally achieved their goal, when the MW the GM approved the petition in April 2020, just after he suspended Masonic activity due to the pandemic.

The Consecration was a memorable occasion for all those that attended, with over 150 Masons from all over the country present to witness an outstanding ceremony followed by a super festive board.

With 53 Founders, Omnium Lodge is off to a great start, in the words of the Provincial Grand Chaplain

" Founders, you have chosen a wise name. Omnium, from the Latin Omnis meaning, of all. As part of the Universities Scheme, this Lodge will call upon "all" of the Open University, eventually calling upon brethren to join from all quarters of the globe from which the branches of freemasonry spread."


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