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May 2021 Update

In 2018 , a group of Cheshire Freemasons, backed by the Provincial Grand Master, proposed the formation of a Lodge specifically for Open University students, alumni, and present and past staff.

The group grew to 57 and in 2020, these founding members presented a petition to the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) for the formation of Omnium Lodge – a name chosen to avoid confusion regarding identity and independence.

Plans for the Consecration were put on hold when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the UK and restrictions were imposed on gatherings. With a good chance that Freemasonry meetings can resume, the Consecration is now scheduled for November 2021

Whilst based in the Province of Cheshire, Omnium Lodge will replicate the Internet Lodge No. 9659 and the DKW (David Kenneth Williamson) Lodge No.9938 and hold meetings in various parts of England and Wales as required.

Omnium Lodge has close links with the Open University Student Association Freemasons Club. The Club’s purpose is to provide information and encourage discussion on all aspects of male and female Freemasonry. It is open to all Open University Students present and past and there is no requirement to be a Freemason to join the Club.


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